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Recycling Technology has long been an avid supporter of green initiatives for technology. The most concerning aspect being that of e-waste. Though most cities and provinces now have a forum for disposing of electronic waste, we are going one step further in helping our clients do the most with their old and dead technology.

Our technicians will re-use and re-purpose technology where possible but in some cases, recycling to proper facilities is necessary.


  • computers (Mac/PC)
  • monitors(LCD/CRT)
  • printers
  • laptop
  • projectors
  • networking equipment
  • Old or recovered copper cabling (network, coax, phone, electrical)

We also CERTIFY media destruction for:

  • Hard drives
  • backup tapes/cartridges
  • CD/DVDs

The best part is that there is NO charge to you! You can drop off any equipment anytime at our offices, or in some cases we can arrange pickup from your location!

We are looking to connect with:

  • Contractors, renovators or decorators who dispose of cabling as part of their demolition
  • Small businesses that turn over their technology and need a source to safely dispose of it
  • Any home user that doesn't have an e-waste program as part of their waste pickup. i.e. outside of the city of Toronto.

Please feel free to connect us with anybody who may fall into those categories and needs to get rid of their e-waste.

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